Rolser trolleys

Rolser sells a full line of trolleys, including our favorite, the Wallaby Tweed 2 Wheel Foldable Shopping Trolley. First, and kinda crucially, it’s good-looking, trading the rattling basket for a folding tubular frame with a 40-liter bag that, at roughly 7.5 inches deep, 13 inches wide, and 26 inches tall, looks a bit like a giant, fold-flat pannier. That sturdy fabric allows the bag to have sharp corners, and it’s rubberized to keep your Cheerios from getting soggy if you get caught in the rain. Combine that with fat-toothed zippers nestled in natty contrasting tape and the whole thing has a surprising hipness. Plus, big wheels with a 6.5-inch diameter and a bit of squish help smooth out bumps in the pavement.

We love using Rolser trolleys because it allows us to make a full grocery run without having to lug heavy bags all over the neighborhood, but what we immediately noticed about Wallaby once we started using it is how many compliments I got every time I hit the street with it.

Neither Vicente Server Ferrer nor his wife, Isabel Pérez Costa, were aware that they were laying the first seed of what, years later, would become a great industry leader in its sector and a role model to be followed. Their first major milestone was undoubtedly the leap from baskets to trolleys in 1972. A chassis and wheels were added to the fabric bags they manufactured and, that same year, they launched their first catalogue in which models such as Rolser‘s Isabel, Mari, Fany and Líder were a resounding success.